SECCOMBE Property Group is a residential and mixed use developer specialising in high quality developments. Through modern design and inspiring vision, SECCOMBE group breathe new life into existing properties.


The primary focus of the group is to develop an asset profile in contemporaneous entity with consultancy and joint venture opportunities. Fast expansion and the ability to invest in high yield sourced opportunities is allowing the SECCOMBE Property Group to evolve.

S E C C O M B E   I N   3 0   S E C O N D S

High yield, high quality and affordable developments
Development areas​
South coast and London commuter belt
Strong base of directors and ever expanding team of dedicated individuals
Over 40 years of combined financial, investment and property experience
Completed and secured
£1.5 Million GDV
Portsmouth and the South Coast
Current pipeline
£2.7 Million GDV
S E C O in 2 years
£12 Million GDV
The Group
Access to a full Team of in house trades and project managers